Discounts at the Universal Studio sneak preview? Why?

February 16, 2010

I was at the Universal Studio Singapore sneak preview this week. I was surprised to find out that at least 2 stores/stands were offering 50% discount for the items. The discount includes juices/drinks, priced at around S$4.00. After discount, a large cup of orange juice cost me only S$2.00.

Now, I can’t even get the juice at that price at McDonalds.

It was a sneak preview, prior to the full opening in March. Why slashed price? Competition? Thought it’s semi-monopoly inside. Getting rid of stocks? Doesn’t make sense. One time event? What for?


More Pregnancy than I Have Thought

February 14, 2010

There are definitely more pregnant people that I have thought of. For example, when I rode in a full train and saw many young males/females sitting on reserved seats, it made me think.

They don’t look old, for sure. They are not handicapped as well. And for sure, they do not have kids on their laps, unless they hide them in their backpacks. The only reason must be pregnancy. Otherwise, they must have offered their seats to those who are in needs.

So, when I carry my three-year old – as heavy as he is – while riding a train, I can’t help to wonder if I should ask those kids: ‘When is the due date?’